Monday, 19 September 2011

Hajj Boards Available

It is a long standing tradition to welcome our Hujjaaj (those who went to Makkah for Hajj) and Ummaar (those who went for Umrah) when they return home.  One of the items on view at the home of the returning Hujjaj is normally a Welcome Home Board or Banner.

We have produced a variety of Boards and Banners over the past years.  Here are some of them that are available for sale to the public:


  1. How old does your mahram have to be if you're going to Hajj/Umrah?
    Do they have to be over 16 or 18?... Also, I heard a women can go to Hajj/Umrah alone or with her family if she is over 45 years old, is this correct?

    Umrah package

  2. Slm. I am interested in the purchase of a haj welcome home board. what do they price and who do I contact?

  3. Is this still for sale to the public? Hoe do I contact you?

  4. I would like to order a umrah maqbool board please. How can I contact you? I am in cape town